Buried Reads is a free newsletter made with love by Kevin and Danielle Morrill. We cut through the noisy daily publishing cycle to find the best original content written by people in the trenches of startups, venture capital, and software engineering.

At our previous startup we worked on a newsletter called the Mattermark Daily, which was read by more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and investors. With the daily newsletter no longer operating, we wanted to bring back something like it. This newsletter is a fun side project and labor of love, which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

Our Startups & Venture Capital newsletter (weekly) focuses on the best posts written by founders and investors. We only consider blog posts from people working in the trenches. If you just want startup news, you can reach TechCrunch or TechMeme and get the latest. It’s a lot harder to find hard won insights from people with hands on experience, especially when they only blog once or twice each year. We’re hunting for those posts.

Our Software Engineering newsletter (monthly) highlights content that is interesting to hackers everywhere — whether they work in startups or larger companies. We find the bests posts each month that offer hard won insights on the practice of engineering. We make sure they are neutral to programming languages and tech stacks.

Our current editorial process is ~90% human curated by Kevin and Danielle Morrill. With the help of some crawling, classification, and machine learning technology Kevin has developed we can discover new feeds and speed up the evaluation process.

Have a post to suggest? Get in touch with us anytime with a note to editor@buriedreads.com or send tips to @BuriedReads on Twitter.