Buried Reads for Thanksgiving 2019

It’s been a busy month of team off-sites, friends visiting from out of town and holidays parties. All of it has gotten me thinking a lot about how to make conversations more interesting and ultimately thoughtful. I wrote about it this week in a post called Kevin questions. If you want to get more out of talking with your family and dinner guests today, it’s a fun technique.

Our whole crew getting ready for Thanksgiving, from left to right, Kevin, Danielle, Emo, Andy and Taco.

From the Founders

Our friends at Holloway have been busy pulling together the ultimate book on Technical Recruiting and Hiring. Last week it just went public, and as an early reviewer and contributor I am impressed how comprehensively it pulls together what you would need as a founder to build your team.

From the Investors

This week, Version One Ventures published their Startup Handbook, which zooms in on how to build your team and investor base after a seed all the way up to Series B. I love that Boris and Angela keep publishing guides like this as well as their Guide to Marketplaces.