The Future of Marketplaces

Li Jin and Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz distill the history of marketplaces over the past 25 years and predict that companies like Bannerman, Convoy and Lambda will win over regulated markets. Read the full analysis in What’s Next for Marketplace Startups?.

From the Operators

Sadly, we did not come across any amazing operator posts this week. If you know founders that are blogging, let us know at

From the Investors

Hunter Walk of Homebrew took us down memory lane to our days working on Referly as he asked Where’s my Personal Wirecutter? I Want a Place To Talk About The Products I Love!. .

Morgan Housel of Collaborative Fund asserts “writing is the ultimate test of whether your thoughts make sense or are merely gut feelings” in Selfish Writing.

Michael Brown of Bowery Capital outlines several ways that trophy board members can go south in Being Cautious About Independent Board Members. Watch out for that “independent” board member your investor insists on.

Some CEOs spend downtime during the holidays wondering “am I even helping at my company or am I just making things worse?” Jason Lemkin of SaaStr gives them some comfort in Could Someone Be a Better CEO Than You?.

Seth Levine of Foundry Group continues his excellent series on board meetings, this time covering Board Conflict.