Ready to Make Your Dream of a Startup Exit Concrete… What’s Your Number?

This is our favorite time of the year to be reading blogs, because people do a lot of reflection over the holidays. If you see thoughtful posts from founders and investors, send them our way at

We’ve shared several stories about alternatives to traditional venture funding. This week Matt Wensing of Riskpulse shares his thoughts in The New Bootstrappers: How Alternative Fundng Modesl Are Embracing Founder Lifestyles. He hints at a new tool SimSaaS he’s using to compare alternative funding approaches for bootstrapped founders.

From the Operators

With lots of talk this week of whether to pivot or return the money, Jason Jacobs of Two Way Labs shares his personal journey deciding whether to shutdown his startup in Goodbye Two Way Labs, I barely knew ya.

Brian Donohue of Pinterest and Instapaper talks about everything from leading the team from paid to free and dealing with the ups and downs of M&A in Brian Donohue on Operating Instapaper Through an Acquisition.

Bertrand Fan of Slack didn’t believe his parents travel advice to fly on the day of Thanksgiving, and hacks together data from SFO’s Wifi records to figure out the best day to be Flying for Thanksgiving.

We’ve been rewatching Start Trek Next Generation together, and loving how relevant the writing is. Danielle sees Picard as a great potential CEO role model, and Kevin is fascinated by the explroation of AI with the character Data. So we were pleased to discover this week that Sarah A. Downey of Accomplice has started a blog series we’re intrigued by in Startup trek episode 1: Encounter at Farpoint.

From the Investors

Erik Torenberg of Village Global riffs on an earlier tweetstorm from September this week to talk about personal moats. The conversation that ensues with Tren Griffin of Microsoft (an excellent Twitter follow @trengriffin) and others is fascinating.

Semil Shah of Haystack tweets an epiphany as to why seed funds keep getting bigger (hint: more fees is not in the top 4 reasons) and kicks off an interesting conversation.

From the Writers

If you haven’t read Oakland-based author Eliot Peper yet, you’re missing out. He started writing about using technology to tamper with elections in “Bandwidth”. I was excited to discover this week he also has a blog and writes Most successful people have no idea what made them successful . Danielle love speculative fiction, and has read all his books. She is thrilled to see Amazon named his latest title “Borderless” among Best Books of the Month: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Go Eliot!