Social Capital comes out firing

Kevin’s favorite post is a heart melting video from Brad Feld on young makers, but we had to lead this week with bluster coming out of Palo Alto…

Social Capital Comes out firing

Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital came out firing with optimism this week, despite a recent alarming report from Dan Primack of Axios. See Chamath’s full report in “Social Capital Interim Annual Letter, 2018”

From the Operators

Center for American Entrepreneurship of Center for American Entrepreneurship gives the best detailed break downs of financing round activity by volume, deal size and round that we’ve seen in recent history. Very useful reference for anyone raising right now. See the details in Early-Stage Valuation Multiples Are Coming Way Down. What Does it Mean?

Reboot of Reboot catalogs the ways that people are dishonest and blaming in Nonviolent communication and the concept of “denial of responsibility”

From the Investors

Blossom Street Ventures of Blossom Street Ventures has done an awesome series of posts analyzing S1 statements this week. Our favorites were on dillution and average time from founding to IPO.

Union Square Ventures of Union Square Ventures points out something we’ve believed for a while: healthcare and education are eating the economy faster than software is. Read the full story in Creating Surplus

Bloomberg Beta of Bloomberg Beta is on a tear this week with blogging. For first time investors, he wrote some advice on planning. And for founders, he writes Instead of a Business Plan, write a Thesis Plan

Foundry Group of Foundry Group shares a promo video that melted our nerd hearts for littleBits which encourages kids to take on engineering and coding in I Was That Kid. Were You? #MakingChangemakers

Lightspeed Venture Partners offers a great template for explaining the stock option component of an offer letter in Telling the Equity Story