Growing Alternatives to VC Funding

Makes sure to read all the way to the end this week, because we go out on a strong note with sage advice from Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos. Brew a pot of tea and enjoy our favorite weeks from the past week.

In our favorite read this week, Clement Vouillon of Point Nine Capital captures emerging SaaS fundraising approaches: “A Landscape of the Growing Number of Alternatives to VC Funding”

From the Operators

Jackie Luo of Square believes fair compensation begins with transparency, and provides the numbers to back it up in “I Know the Salaries of Thousands of Tech Employees”

Michael FitzGerald of Submittable (YCS12 represent!) offers some startup real talk in “Submittable CEO talks startups, life, cancer and living in Missoula, Montana.”

From the Investors

The AngelList blog has a great post this week explaining how the preference stack of private company stock can impact exit outcomes for employees: “Liquidation Preference: Your Equity Could Be Worth Millions — or Nothing”

Joanne Wilson of Gotham Gal Ventures reminds us there’s more to angel investing than just deal flow and cutting checks in “When did Angel investing become a commodity?”

Aaron Holiday and Nnamdi Okike of 645 Ventures explores a framework for understanding venture capital risk an decision making through the lens of Warren Buffet in “Circle of Competence and the Venture Capital Invesment Triangle”

Jeffrey Minch of Littlefield Advisors summarizes the best thinking tools behind the fastest growing tech company in “Jeff Bezos On Decisionmaking”