Did I make a mistake selling to Yahoo?

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From the Operators

Joshua Schachter, founder of Web 2.0 phenomenon Del.icio.us, asks “Did I Make a Mistake Selling My Social Media Darling to Yahoo?”

Collaborative Fund VC turned stealth startup founder Kanyi Maqubela resets his mental model around early stage startup risk mitigation in “Classical Risk vs. Quantum Risk”

From the Investors

Carlos Eduardo Espinal of Seedcamp lived through both the 2001 dot com bubble and 2008 real estate collapse, and shares your options in “Weatherproofing your startup for any financial climate — the 3rd way”

Morgan Housel of Collaborative Fund builds the case for how growing too fast can ruin the original spirit of a startup in “Haste Makes Waste”

Startup accelerator Y Combinator released a ranked list of portfolio companies by valuation in “YC Top Companies List – 2018”

Ana Paula González of 500 Startups has labeled a surprising city as their next target and the supporting data are interesting. See for yourself in “Why 500 Startups is betting on Miami, and so should you”